John Bolton Predicts Trump Won’t Go Quietly If He Loses 2020 Election: ‘He Will Not Leave Graciously’


Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton predicted that Donald Trump won’t leave the presidency in peace if he loses the 2020 election.

Bolton gave an interview to CNN’s Jake Tapper for a special on Trump administration insiders who have turned against the president. He began by saying the coronavirus pandemic is a prime example of Trump being unfit for office, saying the president has “the attention span of a fruit fly” and “never had a clue how he expected to get through this.”

In the event of reelection, Bolton said he expects Trump will be “utterly unrestricted” in his second term, and that he already feels empowered by the fact that he survived impeachment over the Ukraine scandal. Tapper noted that Trump has not committed to a peaceful transfer of power if Joe Biden defeats him, so he asked “are there any guardrails in the administration? Do you have any concerns about General Milley or Secretary Esper or Chief of Staff Meadows? Is there anyone there to say ‘sir, you lost. You have to leave?'”

“Let’s be clear, Trump will not leave graciously if he loses,” Bolton said. “He will not leave graciously. Whether he carries it to the extreme, I don’t think we know. It think it is very troubling that he has said I can’t lose unless there’s fraud. Of course he can lose in an honest election.”

Bolton continued to say that this is really on the leadership of the party” if Trump loses, and that “if it is clear what the outcome is, it is up to Republicans, not Democrats to say ‘this is on us. He’s got to go.'” This prompted Tapper to ask if Bolton has “faith” Republicans will do that, adding “there’s not a lot of evidence” and “not a lot of profiles in courage” suggesting they would.

Watch Bolton’s answer above, via CNN.

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