John Bolton Questions ‘Full Story’ Behind NSA Leak: ‘Not At All Sure’ Snowden ‘Acting Completely Alone’

Appearing on Fox News on Wednesday morning, former UN Ambassador John Bolton criticized NSA leaker Edward Snowden, pushing back against those who have hailed him a hero. He’s “dishonorable” and “deceitful,” Bolton asserted, while also questioning access the information Snowden leaked. We can’t be sure he acted alone, he theorized.

Snowden “signed numerous documents” agreeing never to disclose classified information, and his violation of those oaths speaks to his character, Bolton elaborated. What gives him authority to declassify them? “Who died and made him king?”

As he further noting that endangering American lives did not constitute an act of heroism, he was asked about how a “29-year-old high school dropout can walk in to a defense contractor, work there for three months, and do this kind of damage.”

Bolton posed the same question about Bradley Manning. In Snowden’s case, he said, “we don’t know the full story here yet.

“The kinds of things he’s had access to don’t make sense that somebody in his position could have gotten all together. So I’m not at all sure that he’s acting completely alone here,” Bolton posited. “I think there’s a lot to still be learned about his activities.”

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