John Bolton Goes Out Of His Way To Distance Norway Bomber From Right-Wing Extremists

Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton weighed in the during the aftermath of the Norway bombings on Friday night with Martha MacCallum. While information began to drip out regarding the political leanings of the alleged suspect behind the attacks, Anders Behring Breivik, Bolton remained highly skeptical of early reports and worried “political correctness” might be impacting the release of information.

MacCallum read reports indicating that the perpetrator had ties to a right-wing group, and not to Al-Qaeda as many immediately suspected. Yet Bolton concluded:

“This kind of behavior is very un-Norwegian to say the least. And the speculation that it’s part of right-wing extremism or something like that, I think that has less of a foundation at this point, than the concern that there is a broader political threat here.”

Even though Bolton’s attempt to throw cold-water on the right-wing connections was merely speculative, Bolton did raise a legitimate concern with other reports already declaring Breivik worked alone. Bolton convincingly argued that it was hard to believe that just one shooter could have killed eighty people at a youth camp without at least some help.

Since this interview, the political leanings of the assailant have become much clearer: he was, in fact, a right-wing extremist

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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