John Brennan: Trump Declaration Sets ‘Dangerous Precedent,’ We Don’t Know What He’ll Deem an Emergency Next


Speaking with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Monday, former CIA Director John Brennan said that President Donald Trump is setting a “dangerous precedent” by declaring a national emergency to get funding to build his border wall.

Maddow prompted him by noting that Brennan is among “more than 50” former senior national security officials who have signed a declaration essentially saying “the president invoking a national emergency in order to try to do what he’s going to do with the border wall is unprecedented and improper.”

Brennan responded by listing the reasons they decided the declaration was needed.

He started out by saying there is “no basis” for the claims Trump is making about the border and “even the Trump Administration’s own statistics and assessments do not support his claim.”

Brennan then further noted Trump went through Congress to get his border wall funding and was denied.

He also said that Trump circumvented Congress’ budget authority with his emergency declaration.

“He went to Congress, tried to get the money for his wall, was denied it. And so this is undermining the checks and balances system that we have within our government,” he said.

Finally, Brennan stressed Trump’s declaration “sets a very dangerous precedent.”

“We don’t know what Mr. Trump might decide next week or next month is going to be a national emergency,” he told Maddow. “There has to be a foundation to do something as significant as this and the previous declarations were solidly grounded in fact and that’s why individuals that worked for Republican and Democratic decided they would speak out and call the lie a lie.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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