John Dean: Even Nixon Would Tell Trump ‘He’s Going Too Far’

John Dean, one of the central figures in the Watergate scandal, said tonight in response to a bombshell new report on President Donald Trump that this may eclipse Richard Nixon.

The New York Times reported tonight that Trump wanted to order the DOJ to prosecute James Comey and Hillary Clinton, but got pushback from Don McGahn.

CNN’s John Berman said tonight to Dean, who was White House counsel during the Watergate saga, that “this is the definition of Nixonian.”

Dean himself said, “If I had to channel a little of Richard Nixon, I think he’d tell this president he’s going too far. This is the sort of stuff of a banana republic. This is what an autocrat does.”

He pointed out Trump’s authoritarian tendencies and how Trump simply “won’t back off” on this “until he’s forced to.”

A slightly stunned Berman followed up by asking, “You just said that Richard Nixon would tell Donald Trump he’s going too far?”

“I think he would,” Dean answered. “This is a level that Richard Nixon never went to where you went after somebody’s personal well-being by a criminal prosecution. I’ve listened to all the tapes that are relevant. While I heard him break the law on some of those tapes, I never heard him do it by turning on his enemies and trying to put them in jail. This is really very, very heavy sledding.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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