John Heilemann: Politically Speaking, ‘There Aren’t a Lot of Better People’ for Trump to Talk to Than Hannity


NBC News National Affairs Analyst John Heilemann said Monday that he doesn’t think President Donald Trump should turn to Fox News host Sean Hannity but that, politically speaking, “there aren’t a lot of better people” for the president to talk to.

Heilemann made the statement just hours after New York Magazine reported that Trump calls Hannity every night to discuss the latest developments in the news cycle. Heilemann appeared on MSNBC Monday, where every panelist was in agreement that Trump should look to others besides Hannity for advice. However, Heilemann eventually spoke up and explained the potential reason for Trump and Hannity’s close relationship.

“I am not defending Donald Trump talking to Sean Hannity all the time. But if you go back to the beginning of our conversation and you believe that what Donald Trump is trying to do is win a political argument where he thinks the existence of his presidency is on the line, and the thing he’s going to need is have that base be rock solid and not abandon him no matter how bad the findings of Bob Mueller is,” Heilemann said.

“He needs that base, and Sean Hannity channels that base better than anyone. So I don’t think it’s good for him [Trump] to take advice from Hannity. I wish he talked to other people. But if Trump sees his survival in being in touch with those people, there aren’t a lot of better people to talk to than Sean Hannity because he reaches more of them than anyone,” Heilemann added.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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