John Heilemann: Trump Tax Returns ‘Not a Fishing Expedition,’ We Should See If POTUS Is ‘Behaving in a Corrupt Way’

NBC National Affairs Analyst John Heilemann stressed that looking into President Donald Trump‘s taxes is not a “fishing expedition.”

Instead, he said, it is a “super-important norm” and one that should probably be legislated.

“I don’t care what Donald Trump’s base thinks about this, I don’t really care what anybody thinks about this,” Heilemann said during a panel discussion on MSNBC on Friday. “We talk about this presidency have been won revolving around the shredding of norms. In fact, Donald Trump starting shredding norms in the campaign when he refused to release the tax returns. It was a norm for a reason. We want to know what’s in our president’s tax returns so we can judge their actions in office, in terms of whether they’re behaving in a corrupt way.”

Then after noting that despite the fact there is no law about it, presidents have voluntarily turned over their taxes for years.

“Presidents of both parties have done it for generations to say look, here’s where my money comes from,” he stressed before noting: “This is not a fishing expedition, it’s a super important norm.”

He further stressed that in fact he thinks it is so important, it should be legislated ultimately making it mandatory for presidents to comply.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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