John Heilemann: Will the FBI Investigate if Brett Kavanaugh Committed Perjury?


The Senate’s decision to provide one week to investigate allegations of sexual assault surrounding Brett Kavanaugh embattled Supreme Court nomination seems to be raising more questions than any that it will answer.

One such question surrounding this judicial dust-up was raised this morning by Morning Joe contributor John Heilemann who asked if the FBI will be looking into allegations that Kavanaugh perjured himself during an emotional and, at times angry, testimony before the Senate Justice Committee last week.

After first describing Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a political ploy to rally Trump’s base in the coming midterm elections, Heilemann asked:” is perjury an issue that the FBI is allowed to be investigating?” He then explained, “there are many people who look at Judge Kavanaugh and his testimony last week and say it looks like he lied about a wide variety of things under oath in front of this committee.”

Host Joe Scarborough interrupted, asking Heilemann to cite examples of Kavanaugh’s alleged perjury, which he was surprisingly not that ready answer. Heilemann pointed to varying reports of the Supreme Court nominee’s drinking history and whether or not he was a “blackout drunk,” as was described on the show, before failing to list other examples.

Heilemann could have cited Kavanaugh’s explanations for various items on his yearbook entry that have raised eyebrows, especially since Urban Dictionaries unverified definitions for “boof” and “devil’s triangles” have gone viral on the progressive side of the Internet.

One big question is the limited scope and scale of the FBI query and whether or not the White House is giving direction for the investigation that might be politically expedient for their goal of confirming their second Supreme Court judge to be nominated by President Donald Trump.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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