John Hodgman To Jon Stewart: Hating The Wealthy Is The Country’s Last Acceptable Prejudice

On Tuesday night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart talked with John Hodgman about how the wealthy are under attack in America. “We millionaires and billionaires should be celebrated for the inspiration we provide,” Hodgman said. “We embody the American dream that if you work hard and make sacrifices all people can be part of the 1%.” “You know that is mathematically impossible,” Stewart argued. “Or maybe you’re just not working hard enough.” Hodgman countered.

Early in the segment, Hodgman noted the rich had become the last acceptable group to discriminate against and brought his own version of the people’s microphone — Yale’s a cappella group The Whiffenpoofs, which he called the rich man’s chorus.

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“You consider the wealthy a prosecuted minority?” Stewart asked Hodgman. “Oh, of course, we’re only 1%,” Hodgman observed. “We’re completely outnumbered. Even your people, the Jews, what is it, 2%? 3%? How many of there are you?”

Stewart then asked Hodgman who was singling out the “one percenters” — or as he preferred to be called the “moneyed Americans.” “The moochers,” Hodgman explained. “When someone reaches my level of achievement, everyone shares in my success…I came from nowhere, Jon.”

What followed was a rather brilliant pastiche of opinion media discourse on “class warfare” that was such a spot-on satire that Hodgman’s absurdly amplified commentary would actually fit right in on many cable news programs.

Watch Hodgman’s segment ‘Money Talks’ via Comedy Central below:

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