John Hodgman To Maddow: Occupy Wall Street, Like Herman Cain, Is An Art Project

Author and self-described “deranged millionaire” John Hodgman paid a visit to Rachel Maddow‘s show to discuss his new book, whether his mustache is real (it is, poor guy), and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Hodgman thought it was “good for Bloomie” to have cleared out lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park earlier this week. He also described the movement as being, not unlike Herman Cain, “an art project, a demonstration” based on the idea that it would be interesting to see if anything would change if the people who worked on Wall Street were forced to face, in Hodgman’s words, hippies and drum circles all day, every day. Who would blink first? As it turns out, the blinking was done by a fabulously wealthy mayor acting at the behest of a fabulously wealthy company.

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That’s really quite an interesting way of looking at it. Also, this:

Here’s the thing: If you consider it a demonstration, a kind of an art project, I know from years in entertainment, the show goes on too long, it eventually becomes accused of spreading tuberculosis everywhere. That’s why they had to close Cats.

Too right.

Hodgman also offered to take the money the demonstration has collected in donations and become, essentially, the movement’s deranged millionaire CEO.

Watch the interview, via MSNBC:

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