John Kasich Draws a Triangle to Explain … Something About Political Ethics to Bemused Don Lemon on CNN


CNN contributor and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich brought his own homemade graphic to his hit on CNN Tonight, using it to explain Republicans to a bemused Don Lemon.

“I just made my own artwork,” Kasich said. “These are my own talking points, okay? I think this will explain, Don. Let’s just assume you have a congressman that has not totally made up their mind and they’re not going to change no matter what. So you have three things at play.”

Kasich went on to point at the three points on his homemade triangle: Party, Public and Conscience.

“You have the political party which puts pressure on the members of the party to stay in line. But then you have the public. And I think after today’s testimony, it’s likely we’re not going to know it within the next 12 hours, but we will know it over time, whether the testimony today moved the public because if the public is moved, then the party matters less,” he said.

“Then of course at the bottom of the triangle is a very important thing, and it’s called conscience,” Kasich said. “At the end of the day when you go home, there’s only one person that matters, and that’s the person that you see in the mirror. So all you’ve been about is your party, you know, I think this explains the push and the pull.”

“I can’t predict where they’re going to move, but I think they’re going to have — they’re going to put more pressure on for the person to be responsible, maybe a little less effect of the party,” he said.

“You know we’re a big, legit organization. We have a graphics department. We could have made that up for you. I appreciate the effort,” Lemon snarked.

Watch above, via CNN.

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