John Kasich Rips Trump Team For Not Stopping POTUS Mistakes on Putin Summit: ‘Where Was His Staff?!’


Governor John Kasich (R-OH) spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo tonight, and shared his takeaway from Donald Trump‘s summit with Vladimir Putin.

In short? Kasich is wondering what’s taken so long for people on the right to criticize the president. And he’s wondering why the president’s staff didn’t stop him from making some mistakes.

Cuomo began the conversation by noting the outpouring of criticism Trump received from his own party after the summit was over. Kasich agreed that the critiques were “a big deal,” considering it came from the Right. But he asked “where was everybody?” when Trump spent the last few weeks picking fights with America’s allies and blowing up international diplomatic endeavors.

“Why didn’t somebody step up and say ‘this is not the way to do things’?” Kasich said. “We need more people to just not say a few things or put out a few tweets, but they need to take an aggressive position…I thought Charlottesville was different.”

As Cuomo acknowledged Kasich’s reference to one of the Trump presidency’s most widely condemned moments, the CNN anchor noted that the difference, in this case, is that Trump seems to be siding with a hostile foreign power rather than his own intelligence operatives.

“We’ve never seen anything like this where a U.S. President sided with an enemy against his own people,” Cuomo said.

Kasich said Congressional Republicans need to take serious action in order to have any real pushback on Trump.

“Where is this Republican base going to be?” He said. “Are some of them finally going to say, this is enough?”

The Ohio Governor proceeded to slam the president’s staff — saying they did a disservice by allowing him to go into the summit without telling him what he mustn’t say or do.

“Where was his staff? You know, when I want to go and do something as governor, I will have staff people that will come and say, ‘No, I think that’s not right,’ And sometimes I have to back off. Where have they been? You can’t just be quiet when things like this are happening. They’ve done him a terrible disservice. They should have sat him down and said, ‘You can’t do this. But somehow it happened, and now there’s been a lot of damage.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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