John Kasich: Yes, I’d Attend a Loved One’s Gay Wedding

Yes, Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich would attend the same-sex wedding of a loved one and, yes, he is likely going to run for president in 2016.

In a digital interview with CNN’s Sara Murray, the former Fox News host was asked the same question several other potential candidates have been asked: Even though you oppose the concept of same-sex weddings, would you attend one if it involved your loved ones?

Marco Rubio said “Of course I would,” and Rick Santorum outright said no. Kasich fell in the former’s camp, telling CNN, “Just because you’re opposed to something doesn’t mean you don’t care about your friends, other human beings.”

He continued: “My friend knows how I feel about the issue, but I’m not here to have a war with him. I care about my friend, so it’s pretty simple for me. I don’t need to be making big statements about any of this.”

As for whether he plans to enter the Republican primary field, Kasich said, “I don’t want to do this just to run around. I have to feel that I have a very good chance to win.”

But he is absolutely considering a run: “I don’t want any regrets, I don’t want to say, ‘Well, I didn’t do this for X reason and I regret it.'”

Watch below, via CNN:

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