John Kelly Rips Fox News: ‘You Are Not An Informed Citizen’ If You Only Watch Fox


John Kelly disparaged Fox News and how informed its viewers are during a lecture series interview at Drew University Wednesday.

“You have to be careful about what you are watching and reading because the media has taken sides,” he said. “So if you only watch Fox News, because it’s reinforcing what you believe, you are not an informed citizen.”

The comments came during an interview where Kelly also said Col. Alexander Vindman was fired for refusing to “follow and illegal order,” and said he clashed with President Donald Trump on the Muslim immigration ban, and his incessant need to call the media the “enemy of the state.”

“The media, in my view, and I feel very strongly about this, is not the enemy of the people,” he said. “We need a free media.”

In recent weeks, Kelly took a shot at Senate Republicans, calling the impeachment trial without witnesses, “half a trial,” which Fox News reported.

Last year, Fox News reported that Kelly said he would have worked for Hillary Clinton if she won and asked him to, and that he disagreed with Trump on the need for a national emergency over the border wall.

“We don’t need a wall from sea to shining sea,” he said.


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