John King Confirms: “We At CNN Have What I’ll Call ‘The Fox Problem’”

CNN’s John King made it clear last night on John King, USA that his network has a bit of a “Fox problem” as it gears up for the 2012 campaign. “When it comes to covering the early maneuverings of the 2012 presidential race, we at CNN have what I’ll call ‘The Fox problem.’” That problem, he says, is that many of the likely candidates in the Republican primary are tied to Fox News, and don’t make themselves available to CNN for interviews.

By way of introducing an interview with Newt Gingrich, King told viewers he “jumped at the chance” to ask Gingrich a few questions, since it was a rare opportunity to get a potential GOP candidate in front of a CNN camera:

“Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich – all possible candidates, all contractual contributors to Fox News — so they’re not supposed to sit down for interviews with CNN.”

Watch the segment here, from CNN:

(h/t Politico)

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