John King on Clinton’s ‘Calculated’ Iran Comment: ‘Sounds Like She’s a Politician’

An Inside Politics panel on Thursday morning took a break Thursday morning from constant missing plane coverage to discuss former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s skepticism, voiced at a speech at the American Jewish Congress, about Iran’s follow-through in the Obama administration’s precarious nuclear negotiations.

“I think it’s a pretty calculated move,” POLITICO’s Juana Summers said. “I have to wonder if you’re John Kerry or the current Secretary of State, what you are thinking when you hear that speech?”

“Last year when we were reporting that the U.S. and Iran were having secret backchannel talks, separate from these international negotiations, people close to Hillary Clinton were telling us, ‘Hey, these talks actually started when Clinton was secretary,'” Associated Press’ Julie Pace said. “This is expected to be part of her book that’s going to be coming out later this year.”

“So on the one hand, you have her wrapping her arms around the nuclear negotiations,” Pace continued, “and then on the other hand, when it looks like they’re not going to be fruitful saying, ‘Oh, I have always been skeptical about this.'”

“Sounds like she’s a politician,” King said. “What a shock.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

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