John Lithgow and Katie Couric Play Who Wants to Check Stephen Colbert’s Prostate?

We are deep in the heart of November sweeps, which means television shows are going the extra mile to bring in viewers. For the Today Show, that has meant a full embrace of Movember, with the male hosts growing out their beards and engaging in on-air prostate exams. Not to be outdone, Stephen Colbert presented his own “November Sweeps Prostacular” Thursday night, but this time there was guest stars.

First, the host took a look at his Today Show competition, which included Matt Lauer, whose doctor apparently had to lose five pounds to make his finger a little smaller. “It’s well-known that Matt Lauer is the biggest tight-ass in the business,” Colbert said. But “any newsman can get some doctor to stick his digital up your analogue,” he continued, before bringing out his special guests

Colbert held an elaborate “latex glove ceremony” to pick between three potential prostate exam suitors. The contenders were actor John Lithgow, on-air colonoscopy pioneer Katie Couric and indie rock band The Black Keys. There could only be one victor, and you’ll just have to watch the clip below to find out who got to stick their finger up Colbert’s rectum and who was left to check Jimmy Fallon’s prostate.

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

The Colbert Report
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