John McCain: Obama Campaign’s Big Bird Ad Shows ‘Paucity Of Ideas,’ Obama Can’t Run On Record

During an interview on The Today Show earlier, Senator John McCain reacted to the latest attack ad to come out of the Obama campaign: mocking Mitt Romney for making Big Bird and cutting funding to PBS one of his main arguments during last week’s debate. McCain said the ad smelled of desperation and how the Obama campaign is unable to defend the administration’s policies over the last four years.

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After airing the full ad, Matt Lauer admitted he was confused by the message of the ad, and asked McCain for his reaction. McCain acknowledged that it would get attention, but said the very fact the Obama campaign felt it had to make such an ad shows a “paucity of ideas” on their part. McCain said the economic reality is such that President Obama is unable to run on his record.

McCain quipped that he’s on the record supporting an “earmark for Big Bird.”

Lauer then brought up the increasingly narrowing race between Obama and Romney, asking Obama’s former challenger what advice he has for Romney. McCain said that Romney should expect Obama to step up his game in the next debate, saying the president is generally a good debater. However, he did criticize the Obama campaign for accusing Romney of lying during the debate.

Watch the video below, courtesy of NBC:


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