John McCain On Gun Control: Norway Shooter Killed People In Country With Strict Gun Control Laws

Senator John McCain appeared on CNN’s State of the Union this morning, and talked with Candy Crowley at some length about the Colorado shooting. Crowley brought up statistics from some of the worst acts of gun violence in recent history and asked McCain if he would consider revisiting gun control legislation. McCain said he would not unless there was sufficient proof gun control would have stopped James Holmes from killing people.

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McCain argued that gun control is not the answer, pointing out that Anders Breivik was able to commit a similar atrocity in Norway, a country with strict gun control laws. He said it would “have to be proved” that increased gun control could help stop future massacres before would decide to support it.

Crowley highlighted the high-capacity magazines Holmes was able to legally acquire and ran through the rest of the items in his “arsenal.” McCain insisted that owning a gun is a constitutional right, and pointed to an assault weapons ban that used to be in effect, making the case that “it didn’t change the situation at all.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN:

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