John McCain On Who Should Be Romney’s VP: ‘I Think It Should Be Sarah Palin’

On Wednesday, appearing on CBS This Morning, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was asked to comment on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin assertion on Fox News Channel’s Hannity that likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney should select Rep. Allen West (R-FL) as his eventual running mate. McCain responded, “I think it should be Sarah Palin,” to laughs from the CBS hosts.

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“There has been some talk about the choice of a vice president for the eventual nominee and what that should entail. Sarah Palin said that the nominee, if it is Mitt Romney, should ‘go rogue.’ What’s your advice,” CBS host Erica Hill asked Sen. McCain. “I think it should be Sarah Palin,” McCain responded wryly.

McCain continued on a more serious note, “I think we have some very qualified candidates. Obviously, [Sen.] Marco Rubio (R-FL), is in the top tier. [New Jersey Gov.] Chris Christie. There are a number of candidates we have out there. [Louisiana Gov.] Bobby Jindal, [Indiana Gov.] Mitch Daniels.”

“I’m sure we’ll make the right choice,” said McCain. “Obviously it is a tough decision.”

Watch the video below via CBS:

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