John McCain: Romney’s Behind Because Americans See ‘Glimmer Of Hope’ About Improving Economy

Sen. John McCain paid a visit to CNN’s Candy Crowley on Sunday to discuss Mitt Romney‘s campaign, and why he isn’t ahead in the presidential race. While the economy is still in poor shape, McCain said, Americans are feeling better about it. They see hope.

Asked whether the Romney campaign has played it safe, McCain replied, “I don’t think so. I think he’s been running a very vigorous campaign. I think most people approve of his selection of Paul Ryan.

“It’s tough,” he added. “It’s very difficult.”

“Why is he behind then?” Crowley asked.

“He’s behind because I think Americans probably feel better than they did before jobs and the economy,” he said, “even though it’s terrible.”

Crowley asked McCain to elaborate, and McCain replied, “I think Americans see a glimmer of hope. There is slight improvement in the economy.” And in some important electoral states, unemployment is down, and that contributes to the “glimmer of hope.”

His remarks below, via CNN:

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