John Oliver Airs Jeff Sessions’ Email, Asks People to Send Pictures of Their Bent Yet Erect Penises


John Oliver had a very specific request for his audience on Sunday during Last Week Tonight: if your penis can form a 90 degree angle while erect, tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

During a segment about Norwegian safe sex, Oliver explained that Norway has among the highest rates of chlamydia in the world – a fact the Norwegian arm of 7-11 looked to capitalize on by advertising that they sell condoms in their stores.

But Oliver was particularly fascinated with one Norwegian PSA in which a man dressed as a penis sneaks up behind people, “ejaculates” confetti, and screams.

“I only have favorite parts of that,” Oliver said gleefully after airing the full clip. “First, the screaming. Why does he need to do that? Those people have just been shot by a giant sneaky penis, haven’t they been through enough?”

It was important to Oliver, though, to make sure Sessions was aware of a particular phenomenon demonstrated by said sneaky penis.

“When the penis is about to ejaculate, it bends in half, so the shaft forms a right angle,” Oliver observed. “And if your penis can do that, please send video proof to Sessions.Jefferson@USDOJ.GOV.”

Looks like the DOJ’s spam filter may be put to the test in the coming days.

Watch above, via HBO.

[image via screengrab]

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