John Oliver and Mike Myers Lampoon Canada’s Elections on Last Week Tonight

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver used the show’s latest deep dive segment to discuss and ridicule the 78-day election cycle currently underway in the United States’ northern neighbor, Canada. To drive his points home, the late night host invited famous Canadian Mike Myers onto the program for the segment’s concluding sketch.

Oliver began by explaining that, unlike the ongoing presidential election cycle in America, which lasts well over a year, the Canadian process is limited to a mere 78 days of constant campaigning and advertisements. Despite the time limits, however, Canadian politics aren’t without their own scandals and idiots. Consider the examples Jerry Bance and Alex Johnson, conservative and New Democratic Party parliamentary candidates respectively. Bance was caught on camera peeing into a customer’s mug during an investigation into the home repair industry, whereas Johnson joked that a fence post at Auschwitz appeared “phallic” in a 2008 Facebook post.

These are bad, and since Canada’s parliamentary elections determine which party will hold the most power, and therefore who will become (or remain) Prime Minister, that means that current PM Stephen Harper might remain in office — despite his having already served nearly 10 years due to the country’s lack of term limits. That’s a problem because the noted conservative has championed and passed legislation weakening the country’s healthcare system, criminalizing marijuana despite medical evidence citing its relative health when compared to tobacco, and “pandering to .”

“Canada is America’s next-door neighbor, and Stephen Harper is her dickhead boyfriend,” said Oliver. “You know, the one she won’t split up with despite the fact that he tells her what to wear and makes her listen to his shitty, shitty band.”

Of course, Oliver couldn’t come out and tell his Canadian viewers (if there are any) that they shouldn’t vote to keep Harper in office. Why? Because, as the Last Week Tonight research team discovered, it is illegal for non-Canadians to tell voting Canadians who they should and shouldn’t vote for. Per Section 331 of the Canada Elections Act, “No person who does not reside in Canada shall… induce electors to… vote for or refrain from voting for a particular candidate.” Anyone who does must pay a $5,000 fine and could serve up to six months in jail.

To weasel his way around this, Oliver introduced actor Mike Myers as a Canadian Mountie riding a Canadian flag-draped snowplow. In front of a background of snowy mountaintops, a beaver waiving the Canadian flag, and a moose receiving a colonoscopy via the country’s single-payer healthcare system, Myers told Canada not to vote for Harper: “I love Canada. But the fact that it has a law banning outsiders from telling Canadians how to vote is one of the least Canadian things possible. Oh, and don’t vote for Stephen Harper.”

“Don’t do it, and I’ll tell you why,” added Oliver. “Stephen Harper doesn’t care about black people.”

Check out the clip above, via HBO.

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