John Oliver Celebrates Trump’s Impeachment Prematurely After Catching Him in a Lie: ‘We Got Him!’

John Oliver got a little bit ahead of himself after he caught President Trump telling a lie.

The Last Week Tonight host listed off Trump’s not-so-good week from the Puerto Rico disaster relief to HHS Secretary Tom Price‘s resignation, and also the death of the Graham-Cassidy health care bill. Oliver noted Trump’s assertion that they “have the votes” for the bill’s passage with the exception of a senator who the president insisted was in the hospital (there wasn’t).

There was some suspicion that Trump was referring to Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), who was recuperating from a urological issue but was no longer hospitalized.

“So the president’s lies essentially became so frustrating — the only way to shut them down was to publicly discuss the fact that there may be something wrong with Thad Cochran’s dick,” Oliver said.

Oliver then insisted that Trump “repeatedly said something that was not true.”

“We just caught him in a lie,” he declared. “In other words — and I’ve waited a long time to do this — we got him!”

He then pressed a giant red button that sparked a celebration that included a marching band, can-can dancers, an acrobat, a circus dog trainer, and a tiger mascot making a slam dunk.

Oliver quickly interrupted the party.

“No, no, no — sorry,” Oliver said. “He’s still our president. I just found out that he’s still our president. We didn’t get him. I’m sorry.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO (the relevant portion starts at 2:30).



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