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John Oliver Commiserates With Stephen Colbert Over Coronavirus Crisis: ‘I Can’t Wait to Rub My Hand in Your Face’

Stephen Colbert welcomed fellow Daily Show alum John Oliver on Monday’s episode of The Late Show to discuss producing their shows at home, the coronavirus, and “the thrill” of touching others once this passes.

“The crowd is loving you, one imagines,” Colbert told his guest after giving his best attempt at singing Oliver’s theme song. “Welcome to interviews in the after times.”

“It’s great to be with you,” Oliver responded. “It’s like staring into my own anxieties right now. It’s such a comfort to see your face because your eyes are also screaming ‘what the f*ck is happening?’”

Colbert and Oliver are both producing their shows at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the two commiserated over the difficulties of having to shoot “with my staff over Zoom.”

“I have a dog, two children, and a wife,” Oliver told Colbert. “I have a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old, so there’s not much they can do to help here.”

“Your four-year-old could do your make up, though from what I see, he probably did,” Colbert joked.

The hosts then compared their at home workplace outfits. Oliver showed off his sweat pants “stained with baby drool and peanut butter” while Colbert opted for his typical suit. The Late Show host later admitted, “I’m not wearing shoes,” while he flashed his bare feet on the screen.

When Colbert asked Oliver if he is producing another episode of Last Week Tonight this week, a visibly stressed Oliver said he was.

“Take a deep breath. That is like me just reminding you you’re getting executed or something,” Colbert responded.

“I can just hear my producers through the Zoom again,” said Oliver. “Just going, ‘Just relax, just relax.'”

The two hosts then discussed how much they look forward to touching someone, literally anyone, again once this pandemic passes.

“I guess you just want to walk up to a stranger on the street and rub your hand across their face, and that’s when you know everything is okay,” Oliver said. “I can’t wait to rub my hand in your face.”

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