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John Oliver Demolishes Discovery Channel For SHARKNADO Of Controversy

John Oliver could not contain his excitement Wednesday night over Discovery’s annual Shark Week. Oliver said he was looking forward to learning about “great shark pioneers like Martin Luther Fin and the legendary Rosa Sharks,” but his excitement turned to outrage upon the realization that Discovery’s big MEGALODON documentary was actually completely fake. Oliver slammed Discovery for the deception, bragging about the deception, and thinking they’re providing such edgy programming.

Oliver found it insulting that Discovery thought a three-second disclaimer at the end of a two-hour “sharkgasm” branded as real, and even more so that they would tout a poll showing a majority of people believed Oliver said it doesn’t make them stupid, “it makes them trusting, good people” that Discovery exploited for ratings.

Oliver also called out Discovery for calling itself the “Discovery” channel when it has crap like “Amish Mafia” and a show in which a woman actually catches fish with her vagina. Discovery. Heh.

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:


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