John Oliver Destroys Trump’s Syria Troop Withdrawal: ‘Things Are Bad’ When Fox & Friends Turns Against Him


As Donald Trump basked in the U.S.’ victory over ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, HBO host John Oliver tore the president apart on Sunday for the “catastrophe” he created for America’s Kurdish allies.

As the Last Week Tonight host reviewed Trump’s announcement of al-Baghdadi’s death, he was interested in how the president acknowledged that the Kurds were involved in the operation. Oliver used that to springboard into a deep dive of America’s alliance with the Kurds, and how Trump betrayed it by withdrawing troops from northern Syria and giving the Turkish military the opportunity to invade the region.

Since Trump’s decision drew criticism from many of his usual defenders, Oliver noted that some of those rebukes came from the president’s “cheerleaders” on Fox & Friends.

“Wow, You know things are bad for Trump when he’s even lost the support of Fox & Friends, a show whose tagline is President Trump’s dick is 17 inches long and thick as a tree trunk.”

Oliver continued by dissecting the fallout from Trump’s decision, the president’s insults to the Kurds, and how Trump dismissed the conflict between Turkey and the Kurds by saying at a rally “Sometimes you have to let them fight.”

“What the f*ck are you talking about!?” Oliver exclaimed. “That’s not true for Syria and it’s also not true for kids, you weird monster! Trump just revealed what, essentially, we’ve always known: he’s not just a sh*tty president and a sh*tty person, he’s a sh*tty dad. Thank God he never had to raise any children!”

Oliver went on by accepting that the situation in the Middle East is a massive geopolitical quagmire, but he emphasized that the U.S. managed to achieve a modicum of stability in Syria before Trump “threw that all away.”

“It’s genuinely hard to get it this wrong,” said Oliver. “We took a fundamentally stable situation, betrayed a strategically vital ally, and immensely damaged our reputation.”

Watch above, via HBO.

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