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John Oliver Enlists Game of Thrones Creator to Destroy Dr. Oz

Last week, Dr. Mehmet Oz took some serious flogging on Capitol Hill for effectively being the 21st century’s telegenic version of a snake oil salesman in his pushing of “magic” weight loss beans. But on Sunday night, HBO’s John Oliver took that pile-on to the next level with a help of some famous friends.

Noting that Dr. Oz has a mystical effect of his own on the sales of miracle pills and cure-all solutions, Oliver took the doctor to task for denying the “magic” powers of products like garcinia cambogia before Congress after being recorded, on TV, repeatedly calling it “magic.”

Basically, in Oz’s words, his job is to engage audiences while selling products he believes in (and claims to have studied) regardless of whether there is any scientific merit to his claims. In response, Oliver did some pandering of his own, all without the use of scientifically bogus claims. For his audience’s enjoyment, out came an adorable puppy, a Skype interview with Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, a tap-dancing Steve Buscemi, and a massive marching band.

Watch below, via HBO:

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