John Oliver Hilariously Recuts Apple Ad to Show the Risks of the Security/Encryption Debate

John Oliver Hilariously Recuts Apple Ad to Show the Risks of Hacker Security 

As the national debate over personal security and civil liberties rages on in regards to the Apple v. FBI controversy, John Oliver‘s main story on Sunday night’s Last Week Tonight dealt with exactly that: the risks and potential upside of cracking encryption. At stake in the debate is the personal iPhone used by Syed Farook, one of the gunman of December’s San Bernardino massacre, and the lengths to which Apple would need to go to offer a backdoor entrance to access the phone’s information, risking millions of other iPhones in the process.

“Encryption can protect the things most important to us,” said Oliver, appropriately injecting enough levity into the topic as well, continuing,”…our financial information, health records, dick pics, trade secrets, classified government records, dick pics, our physical location, the physical location of our dicks, credit card information, dick pics, and pictures of our dicks.”

The potential to create a workaround from Apple to access the one phone in question would open a “Pandora’s box” of sorts to other units; as Oliver showed in the segment, there are nearly 200 iPhones in New York City alone with potentially revelatory information about crimes that would be, presumably, next in line to be cracked.

“But Apple worries once they make that program, they can’t keep it 100% safe,” noted Oliver. To show a more realistic look at the encryption dynamic, Last Week Tonight reproduced an Apple commercial featuring Eugene Mirman as a horny hacker and Mad Men‘s Rich Sommer as a frustrated Apple engineer losing the battle to the evil tech forces. “Now I can masterbate to photos of your family!” Mirman says cheerily in the parody after gaining access to a user’s iPhone.

Watch the above segment from HBO’s Last Week Tonight.
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