John Oliver: It’s Ironic That Trump Is Against DREAMers Because He’s ‘Clearly Out of His F**king Mind!’

John Oliver took on President Trump for his habit of telling Americans that they’ll be “happy” with policy agendas that have yet to occur.

He started off by playing a clip from the election of NBC’s Chuck Todd talking to Trump about his “unclear” immigration stance and how the then-candidate assured him that he was going to be “so happy” that in four years he’ll be saying “You’re doing a great job, President Trump.”

“That is not a plan!” Oliver reacted.

The Last Week Tonight host then mentioned Trump’s recent comments on DACA when he promised to “make a lot of happy people.”

“Anytime Trump says he’s going to make people happy or that you’re going to be happy in the future, that means he has got NOTHING and he’s trying to end the conversation,” Oliver said. “Remember, that’s how he tried shutting down Chuck Todd on the plane.”

Oliver pointed out that Trump has invoked “happy” talk on trade policy, border safety, the Middle East, replacing Obamacare, and infrastructure.

“That is the tone of somebody who forgot to buy an anniversary gift and is stalling for time,” Oliver quipped.

He then played a clip of Trump’s remarks on the debt ceiling meeting and how he insisted that Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell walked out “happy.”

“No, they absolutely weren’t!” Oliver exclaimed. “Trump may be able to fool people by saying that they’ll be happy in the future, but we cannot let him trip people into thinking that they were happy in the past… It’s actually weirdly ironic that he is taking such a hard line against DREAMers because this guy is clearly out of his f**king mind!”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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