John Oliver Keeps His FIFA Promise, Throws Beach Party with Bud Light Lime


Last Monday, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver pleaded with Adidas, McDonald’s and Budweiser — three of FIFA’s major corporate partners — to help rid the world soccer organization of then-president Sepp Blatter. In fact, Oliver was so desperate for the companies’ help that he made them an offer they literally couldn’t refuse. You’re probably wondering, “What could a British comedian-cum-television journalist possibly give that would please these three behemoths of industry?”

Inadvertent celebrity endorsements, that’s what. Here’s what Oliver promised during his May 31 broadcast:

Adidas, I will wear one of your ugly shoes. One of these shoes that make me look like the Greek god of aspiring DJs.

McDonald’s, I will take a bite out of every item on your dollar menu, which tastes like normal food that was cursed by a vindictive wizard.

And I will even make the ultimate sacrifice. Budweiser, if you pull your support and help get rid of Blatter, I will put my mouth where my mouth is, and I will personally drink one of your disgusting items. I’m serious! It can be a Bud Light. I will even drink a Bud Light Lime — despite the fact that all the lime in the world cannot disguise the fact that this tastes like a puddle beneath a Long John Silver’s dumpster.

Comedy aside, that’s a lot of free airtime for Adidas, McDonald’s and Budweiser. But guess what? Despite his initial defiance and reelection, Blatter confirmed on Tuesday that he was stepping down from the FIFA presidency.

Whether or not the organization’s corporate partners had anything to do with Blatter’s resignation remains to be seen, and Oliver acknowledged this during his June 7 show. Even so, he still delivered on his aforementioned promises — he wore the silly Adidas shoes, sampled all of the McDonald’s dollar menu, and chugged a Bud Light Lime.

Check out the clip below, courtesy of HBO:

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