John Oliver Lambastes Chris Matthews: Only Man Who Could Make 2016 Speculation Sound ‘Pervy’

John Oliver sighed and reluctantly talked about 2016 tonight, mocking the media’s obsession with looking into every little political spat and private luncheon to find clues about who’s doing what with who in what sectors in the lead-up to 2016. Oliver shouted that the last election was less than a year ago, and even named the segment, “Can’t you at least wait until Jon Stewart gets back?!”

Oliver first scolded the media for attempting to read the 2016 tea leaves through the Rand PaulChris Christie Minor Republican Policy Skirmish of 2013™. He said, “No, media! Naughty media! You are not allowed to do this! If you don’t play with the last president we got you, we’re not getting you another one!”

He then moved on to all the Hillary Clinton speculation, including the strange obsession some seem to have with Clinton having breakfast with Joe Biden and lunch with President Obama, particularly Chris Matthews, whose particular brand of analysis made Oliver feel slightly uncomfortable. Oliver asked, “How have you made the word presidential sound pervy?”

Correspondent Jessica Williams then popped up in New Hampshire, assuring Oliver she really hates being there this early, explaining that a majority of voters she polled have her a solid “Fuck you!”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:


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