comScore John Oliver Lights One Up With The Pot-Happy Gupta And Piers

John Oliver Lights One Up With The Pot-Happy Sanjay Gupta And Piers Morgan

John Oliver relaxed and took a load off to report on CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta seeing the light and lighting one up, coming out in favor of marijuana legalization. Oliver did lightly mock Gupta for believing what the DEA told him about pot, but did credit him for starting a drum circle of sorts at CNN.

Case in point, Oliver redubbed CNN the “Cannabis News Network” with hosts like Erin Burnout and Wolf Spliffzer. He broke out the Funyuns and was only slightly dismayed to see just how seriously Gupta was actually taking this.

But Oliver was really disturbed by Piers Morgan talking on the air about what it was like when he got high. Morgan also mentioned he once fell off a segway, which Oliver immediately offered $10,000 for video of. And Mr. Oliver, I’d like that made out to cash.

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:


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