John Oliver on Ferguson: Let’s Take the ‘F*cking Toys’ Away from the Police

A visibly pissed John Oliver spent time last night focusing on the grand clusterfuck of the response to the death of Michael Brown: the racial tension, the incompetency of the leadership, the overt militarization of the police, everything.

“As a general rule, no one should ever be allowed to say ‘There is no history of racial tension here,’ because that sentence has never been true anywhere on Earth,” he scoffed, astonished that Ferguson’s mayor was totally oblivious to racial tension in the city.

And it only got worse with Missouri governor Jay Nixon‘s idea of placing a curfew on the city: “So you took a community tired of being treated like criminals, and then imprisoned them in their own houses, and in the process of doing so, took on the tone of a pissed-off vice principle trying to restore order at a school assembly…That is profoundly patronizing!”

“I know the police love their ridiculous, unnecessary military equipment,” he continued. “So here’s another patronizing test: let’s take it all away from them, and if they can make it a whole month without killing an unarmed black man, only then can they get their fucking toys back.”

The segment earned praise from political media’s foremost writer/expert on police militarization:

Watch below, via HBO:

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