John Oliver on Trump/NFL Feud: ‘When You’ve Lost The Moral High Ground to Roger F**king Goodell…’

On Sunday night, John Oliver addressed President Trump‘s call to fire NFL players who protest during the national anthem.

“The president took time out — while it’s worth noting that over 3 million American citizens in Puerto Rico are without power — to call Colin Kaepernick a son of a b*tch,” Oliver said.

He also noted Kaepernick’s own mother’s reaction.

The Last Week Tonight host mentioned the numerous protests that took place on Sunday and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell‘s condemnation of Trump’s remarks.

“When you have lost the moral high ground of Roger F**king Goodell, something is horribly wrong!” Oliver exclaimed.

Oliver then went after Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro for her harsh words to the NFL anthem protestors:

“America has been incredibly good to every one of you from the time you displayed talent in sports as a youth. America’s allowed you to shine and become financially prosperous. There are so many of you who make tens of millions of dollars… Shame on you, shame on all of you!”

“She is right, no one wants to hear about politics from a wildly successful athlete,” Oliver reacted. “You only want to hear about it from an abject failure of a prosecutor who somehow let Robert Durst slip through her fingers. And by the way Jeanine, there’s a flag behind you. Have some f**king respect.”

Watch the clip above.

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