John Oliver Plans to Buy Ads During Fox & Friends To ‘Sneak Information’ To Trump

In his final broadcast of the season, John Oliver left his audience a going-away present in the form ads targeting President Trump.

The Last Week Tonight host cited a New York Times article claiming that Fox & Friends is the “most powerful TV show in America” simply because the president tunes in to that program on a daily basis. And after the hosts boasted about their new title on their show, Trump tweeted about it 45 minutes later.

“Information goes right from that show into his brain which is terrible,” Oliver said. “Because we would genuinely be better off if he got his daily briefings from an actual fox and his friends.”

Oliver insisted that if Trump is going to keep watching that show that he was going to “sneak information” over the next few months using the Catheter Cowboy, a ploy he used against Trump in the past, during commercial breaks.

He then presented some sample ads he was going to place in the D.C. area, like one of the Catheter Cowboy explaining how “clean coal” doesn’t refer to the physical act of cleaning coal. Other fun facts include how the U.S. Virgin Islands has a governor and not a president, Navy SEALs aren’t actually seals, not look directly at the sun during an eclipse, and that Nazis are bad.

“Remember, if you’re not enjoying this, there’s no shame in quitting,” the Catheter Cowboy tells Trump.

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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