John Oliver Roasts Trump Administration: ‘Watergate, If the Entire White House Was on Bath Salts’


Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver blasted the Trump administration over its continuing scandals and seeming inability to deal with them.

“We’ve been calling [these scandals] Stupid Watergate,” Oliver explained. “Something with the potential gravity of Watergate if the entire White House was on bath salts and Nixon was a raccoon with his head stuck in a jar of peanut butter.”

Oliver then showed the now-famous photo of special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. waiting at the same gate at DCA, saying: “If you’re wondering who was more uncomfortable on that flight, Don Jr. or Robert Mueller, it’s actually a trick question; it’s everyone on any flight with Don Jr. ever, because it turns out that ‘my seat mate smells like Axe body spray and misplaced confidence’ is not a good enough reason to change seats.”

Additionally, he highlighted the tape released of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen talking with Trump about paying off a former Playboy model.

“Now, historically, ‘there are tapes’ hasn’t worked out well for presidents,” Oliver quipped. “It’s one of those phrases that is universally foreboding, like ‘the virus is airborne’ or ‘Ronan Farrow is working on an article about you’.”

He also touched on the possibility that Trump knew about the meeting at Trump Tower, which Cohen hinted at this week as well.

“Now, that is potentially huge and also somehow completely unsurprising, because deep down we all assumed that was the case anyway,” Oliver said. “Breaking news: the president causally knew about the meeting that involved his son, his son-in-law, and his campaign manager discussing dirt about his greatest enemy, that took place where he lived and worked, in a building which has his fucking name on it.”

Watch above, via HBO.

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