John Oliver Shuts Down Tax-Exempt Church for the Most Disgusting Reason

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Just four weeks after John Oliver announced the creation of his new church, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption, the Last Week Tonight host decided to shut it down. The announcement came at the end of Sunday night’s show and was accompanied by a note on the church’s official website.

As Pastor Oliver and his wife, Wanda Jo, explained last night, the decision to close the church came “not because we have to — we still have not broken any laws by promising you untold riches in return for sending us money.” Instead, they revealed that the church had received four separate “jar and/or vials of semen.” And while “some looked fake, others did not.”

“We live our lives by one hard and fast rule,” Rachel Dratch (as Wanda Jo) said. “When someone sends you jizz through the mail, it’s time to stop doing whatever you’re doing.”

Oliver did not reveal exactly how much actual money the parody organization had received thus far, but did say that the funds would be forwarded to Doctors Without Borders. “If you want to send money to a fake church, send it to Scientology,” he concluded.

Watch video below, via HBO:

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