John Oliver Skewers Michael Cohen: ‘A Lawyer So Sh*tty’ Trump Said ‘Get Me Rudy Giuliani’


John Oliver of Last Week Tonight gleefully went in on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen Sunday — delivering joke after joke about the embattled attorney with all the enthusiasm of a kid eating a banana split.

“[Cohen is] a lawyer so shitty, he made Trump say: ‘I need someone good, get me Rudy Giuliani,’” Oliver snarked. Double whammy.

Oliver explained the recent revelations about Cohen, including that he sold access to the president for millions of dollars, and that, for better or worse, he didn’t necessarily deliver on that promise.

“That is a little bit weird, because lawyers don’t generally pitch themselves by offering up info on their other clients,” Oliver said. “It’s like a doctor saying: if you hire me, I’ll tell you about all of Larry King’s birthmarks.”

He added that “millions of dollars for access to Trump… is just bizarre because I naturally assumed you gained access to the president by finding a golden ticket in your MAGA hat.”

But ultimately, Oliver argued, Columbus Nova, AT&T, Novartis, and the other companies that shelled out millions to Cohen got exactly what they paid for.

“They wanted to understand how the Trump administration worked, and think about it: they put their trust in a political novice who turned out to be a total moron and was actually just bilking them for personal gain,” he explained.

“So, you wanna know how the Trump administration works? Congratulations, you just got a fucking master class.”

Watch above, via HBO.

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