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John Oliver Tackles Media’s Awful Coverage of European Migrant Crisis

After a lengthy hiatus, John Oliver at the team at Last Week Tonight returned on Sunday to cover the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.

In case you haven’t noticed, hundreds of thousands of migrants are flocking into Europe, many of them in the hopes of escaping civil war-torn Syria. The United States has proposed accepting anywhere from 10,000 to 200,000 migrants, and Germany has also become a bastion of hope for the fleeing masses, but most European nations have been less than kind.

There’s also the matter of the media attention being given to the mass exodus, which is where Oliver stepped in on Sunday.

From British Prime Minister David Cameron‘s use of the word “swarm” to describe the refugees, to an incredibly racist Fox News report that used outdated YouTube footage from 2010 to suggest that possible terrorists were among the asylum seekers, Last Week Tonight had a field day.

“You don’t get to claim that you’re not calling those people terrorists when your lower third says, ‘Terrorists Inbound?'” Oliver said of the Fox News report.

The segment goes on to consider some of the official immigration documents European countries are distributing to refugees, which include return dates as late as 2020.

Check out the clip above, via HBO.

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