John Oliver Takes on Fox News’ Russia ‘Witch Hunt’, Mocks Hannity’s ‘Sh*ttiest Conspiracy Theory Ever’


John Oliver‘s update on “Stupid Watergate” last night featured a look at just how much Fox Newsers are working to discredit the Mueller probe.

Oliver said Rudy Giuliani had a point about winning in the court of public opinion, bringing up “witch hunt” commentary from all sorts of Fox hosts– calling out Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson, Sebastian Gorka, and more –but most notably “Michael Cohen client number three Sean Hannity.”

Night after night, Hannity has decried the investigation as a witch hunt and pointed to bad behavior from others like Hillary Clinton to ask where’s the investigation into them.

Oliver mocked Hannity’s whataboutism as basically “other people did bad things, so Trump’s bad things don’t count,” which, in the film industry, could mean “every movie that got a bad movie could simply say, ‘What about From Justin to Kelly?'”

He also brought up Hannity’s “series of Carrie-from-Homeland-is-off-her-meds conspiracy boards” on which he “paints a picture where the investigation is itself one gigantic scandal.”

And as for Hannity’s take on the real story from the Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting, Oliver said, “You seem to be implying Hillary Clinton sent someone into Trump Tower to offer dirt on herself. You know what? Congratulations, Sean Hannity, you have officially come up with the shittiest conspiracy theory ever.”

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