comScore John Oliver Takes On Greedy Sports Teams Stealing Taxpayer Dollars

John Oliver Takes On Greedy Sports Teams Stealing Taxpayer Dollars

John Oliver and the Last Week Tonight team have been on vacation, but now they’re back to their usual tricks. What’s more is, unlike the subject of the show’s “deep dive” segment, they didn’t require any taxpayer money for the production.

That’s because Oliver tackled sports stadiums, arenas and venues, and the rather wealthy major league sports teams who routinely ask for their host city’s financial aid for obtaining new ones. Turns out, the billionaire business owners behind the biggest franchises in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL routinely use loopholes in local tax codes to request and receive millions of dollars of public assistance — even though they have the money to build everything on their own.

After quoting a study that found “no substantial evidence that stadiums have increased jobs, incomes or tax revenues,” Oliver plays a rather interesting clip:

“This one economist said to me, ‘I love this lie.’ He said, ‘Rather than spend a billion dollars on a stadium, you’re actually better off flying a plane over a city and dumping a billion dollars on the populace, and just letting them pick up the money and spend it.'”

Ouch, John.

Check out the clip below, courtesy of HBO:

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