John Oliver Takes on Miss America Foundation by Auditing Them; No, Really

For some reason, John Oliver and his staff at Last Week Tonight spent the entire week researching and dismantling one of the most important questions of our era: does the Miss America Foundation actually give out $45 million in scholarships to women; and if they do, why do they need to put women in swimsuits in order to give out what is ostensibly an academic scholarship?

The answer is due to some, erm, very creative accounting, and once Oliver managed to crunch the numbers and did some extensive journalistic legwork — involving actually pulling the tax filings from 33 state organizations participating in the Miss America pageant — found that the foundation only actually gave out about 1% of that total amount. “How the fuck is that possible?!” a stunned Oliver asked. “How is that possible?”

Sadly, Oliver knew that simply railing on the Miss America Foundation for their dubious practices would take him nowhere, so he did the only thing that they would understand: host a pageant, force people to answer complex questions in 20 seconds, and get insulted by Kathy Griffin.

Watch below via HBO:

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