John Oliver Teaches Us All How Not to Woo Female Voters

Even British politicians are capable of screwing up voter outreach towards women, and during Last Week Tonight, John Oliver presented a very bad example: the Labour Party’s big, pink Women Van.

“It is a little insulting that you’re trying to appeal to adult women voters the same way that Mattell attempts to appeal to eight year olds. And at least Barbie’s pink bus had the good sense to unfold into a sweet hot tub/party den combo,” Oliver said, indignant. “The only way it could be more patronizing is if its wheels were giant NuvaRings and they refused to let women drive it.”

Upon learning that the Labour Party wanted the bus to help them reach out to women at the “kitchen table” (and, this is true, not at the “boardroom table”), Oliver offered some free advice and a well-produced ad: just tell women that Labour cares about pink princess ponies.

Watch below via HBO:

[Image via screenshot]

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