John Oliver to Melissa Francis: If You Hate Being Judged For Defending Trump, ‘Stop F**king Doing It!’

On Sunday night, John Oliver tackled President Trump‘s doubling down on his remarks on Charlottesville, but he took aim at Fox News’s Melissa Francis for her emotional response.

Last Wednesday, Francis sat on the Outnumbered couch and defended Trump to her co-hosts, insisting that he never said there were “very good people” among neo-Nazi protestors. After getting pushback from Fox News contributor Marie Harf, Francis teared up and said the following:

“I am so uncomfortable having this conversation because I know what’s in my heart. And I know that I don’t think anyone is different, better, or worse based on color of their skin, but I feel like there is nothing any of us can say right now without being judged.”

The Last Week Tonight host had some blunt advice for Francis.

“Here’s a tip,” Oliver told her. “If you’re getting emotionally overwhelmed and feeling judged for defending Trump and his Nazi sympathizer phase, STOP F**KING DOING IT! It’s that simple! No one is making you do it!”

He then asked Francis how she “managed” to “make this about [her].”

“That’s almost impressive!” he exclaimed.

Watch the clip above, via HBO.


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