John Oliver Trashes Oregon’s ‘F*cking Idiots’ for Obamacare Website Failure

On Sunday evening, John Oliver opened up his new HBO show, Last Week Tonight, with a surprising rant against the “fucking idiots” in Oregon who botched a state-based Affordable Care Act exchange, wasting $250 million on the soon-to-be defunct website.

Noting that not all the money was spent on the “shitty” website, Oliver pointed to the state’s “violently adorable” ads created to promote the exchange, including this infamously twee spot:

Oliver channeled his inner Portlandia writer and mocked the state (mostly the city of Portland) for its cartoonish reputation. “Your mountains are breathtaking, your coffee is fair trade, and everywhere you go you hear the sound of fucking ukuleles,” he joked. “That’s all very charming until you waste tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money on a website that doesn’t work.”

And then the Last Week crew came up with their Portlandized “ad” to send that message to Oregon in a way they can understand.

Watch below, via HBO:

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