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John Podhoretz: Trump’s Surrogates ‘Like The People Around Stalin’

Commentary editor John Podhoretz compared President Donald Trump’s loyal surrogates to the people advising Russian dictator Joseph Stalin on Morning Joe Thursday.

After a series of clips showing surrogates praising Trump, above the chyron “Fawning Over The President,” the conservative editor and columnist said “I mean I wouldn’t call that lying. I don’t know what that is.”

“It’s this bizarre, it’s like the people around Stalin or something,” he said, before immediately clarifying “not that [Trump’s] anything remotely like Stalin.”

Podhoretz, a frequent guest on Morning Joe, went on to reference “the notion that if you used an adjective that was even remotely out of place you were going to immediately be sent to the gulag.”

“You can’t be too obsequious. And Trump’s inner staff is taking that to an entirely new level, I mean obviously there is literally no way you can be too obsequious to Donald Trump,” Podhoretz said.

This is not the first time — and surely not the last — that a Stalin-bomb has been delicately dropped on MSNBC in reference to Donald Trump. A few weeks ago, a guest on the network compared the president’s deep state paranoia to the Soviet dictator’s distrust of his own intelligence agencies.

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