John Stossel Believes In The Right To “Free Speech” And “Hate Speech”

Since joining Fox News, John Stossel has brought a unique brand of libertarian opinion that runs counter to the standard opinion media one typicaly sees on Fox News. Last night, while paneling on Bill O’Reilly‘s show, Stossel argued that there should be no protection for slander, libel, or for lack of another word, “hate speech.” O’Reilly was somewhat taken aback, and continued to push back on Stossel’s consistent libertarian point of view.

Interesting side note to the clip below: notice the persistent lower-third graphic element that identifies Stossel and his eponymous show on Fox Business throughout the clip (usually a production unit will identify a guest for just the first 30 seconds or one or two times on camera.) This is definitely a smart way for ratings behemoth Fox News to promote the lesser watched sister network FBN, but some cynics might see as symptom of not having enough viewers.

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