John Stossel Gets His Feet Nibbled Because…Who The Hell Knows

John Stossel taped the premiere of his new Fox Business Network show today (called Stossel) and apparently the Associated Press was there because there are pictures of the taping.

One is especially odd – and the caption is even more mind-boggling.

Before we look at the picture and read the caption, keep in mind this is a Fox Business Network show. Business. Here ya go:

And now the caption!

John Stossel, right, gets a fish pedicure from tiny carp that nibble at the dead flesh on his toes, during the taping of his debut show ‘Stossel’ on the Fox Business Network in New York, Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009. The weekly program is scheduled to begin Thursday.

The photo credit goes to Richard Drew, but who can we give the caption credit to? It’s awesome.

We have no idea how (if?) this has to do with “business” exactly, but we’re pumped to find out (tomorrow at 8pmET). Or, you can come up with your own caption now. I’ll go with: “John Stossel tries to find three reasons why this segment is relevant to business news.”

(h/t J$)

> Update: A few Twitter responses point to this story, from November, about a lawsuit filed in Arizona against a salon owner who does fish pedicures. Doesn’t change the story, but now you know.

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