John Stossel On Immigration: Legalize Drugs, Migrant Workers

The fight in Arizona against illegal immigration is an issue on which John Stossel‘s traditional libertarian views are not as clear as they would be on topics of individual rights or government control. On last night’s weekly Stossel segment on The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly tested Stossel’s views on the matter and, yet again, he erred on the side of smaller government.

On an issue on which libertarians tend to be more divided than, say, the legalization of drugs Stossel took the side of the state government (or none at all) against the federal government, arguing that he thought “they are doing about the right amount now” to stop immigration from coming in, and that he was hesitant to the idea of further National Guard involvement, as O’Reilly proposed, because “I don’t want to pay huge amounts of money for something that wont fix the problem.”

“A far better solution,” Stossel told O’Reilly, to the immigration problem than sending National Guard troops to the border would be “to let more people in legally,” an idea to which O’Reilly, in the form of more migrant worker programs, did not completely oppose. He also argued that further legalization of drugs would weaken the violent drug trade which the Arizona state government is trying to combat.

Video below:

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